Positivity in the Workplace

The way we interpret the world around us and how we think about our self, impact on the interactions that we make. Thoughts that we have regularly start to develop as beliefs and in the longer term these beliefs can start to influence our wellbeing – if our thoughts are predominantly negative then we can start to create more automatic negative thoughts, so we are more likely to see more negative experiences, interactions and engagements through the day. Positive thinking can help to reshape and redirect some of the negative thoughts and help us to start creating more positive automatic thoughts that can help our overall wellbeing.

During this webinar we will explore how positive thinking can help us to thrive and flourish in the workplace. We will learn about strategies, resources and tools that can help us to start adding positive thinking in to our everyday.

You can find a list of our upcoming courses on our Eventbrite here. If you are an SME (less than 250 employees) in North, West or South West Wales this training may be free, contact wellbeing@rcs-wales.co.uk to check eligibility.

If you are interested in arranging a course just for your team, or would like a customised programme to meet your needs, get in touch today.