We provide support and training to help businesses build healthier, happier workplaces, where their employees can thrive.

small to medium sized businesses engaged with our workplace wellbeing support in 2020/21

We help leaders and managers provide effective support for their teams by improving their awareness of wellbeing issues.

leaders and managers from small to medium sized businesses took part in our wellbeing training in 2020/21

We help people to manage their own wellbeing more effectively through providing professional therapeutic support.

hours of physical and mental health therapy in 2020/21 delivered

We create opportunities for people to enjoy active working lives, by helping those with mental health needs to overcome barriers to employment.

of our I Can Work clients helped into work in 2020/21

Our in-work support and therapies help employees back to work from sickness absence, and prevent others from needing to take time off work.

employees to improve their wellbeing at work in 2020/21