Our in-work support and therapies help employees back to work from sickness absence 

absentees accessed our support and therapies in 2020-22


returned to work within 4 weeks

Our early intervention support reduces the risk of absence

1065 employees received support for a work-limiting health condition in 2020-22


reported a health improvement within 4 weeks

We help business leaders and managers provide effective support for their teams by improving their awareness of wellbeing issues.

leaders and managers from small to medium sized businesses took part in our wellbeing training in 2020-22

employees became trained wellbeing champions

We help people find employment that fits with their mental health needs

people were supported to find work in 2020-22


moved into sustained employment

We provide support and training to help businesses build healthier, happier workplaces, where their employees can thrive.

small to medium sized businesses accessed our workplace wellbeing support in 2020-22


evidenced a positive and measurable change at work