In-Work Support Eligibility Documents

The RCS In–Work Support Service Programme is funded by the Welsh Government.

To be eligible for support through RCS, you must:

  • Have a legal right to live and work in the UK
  • Live in North Wales, Dyfed or Swansea Bay
  • Be employed or self-employed

We will need documentary evidence before we can offer you a service. You can bring this into our offices, send via email, or upload via a weblink.

In most cases, it will be enough for us to see a recent payslip (within last 3 months) if it shows your name, National Insurance number and home address.

If some of this information is missing, or if you are self-employed, check the list below to see what alternative/additional documents we can accept.

RCS is committed to protecting your personal information; find out more about how in our Privacy Statement here.


ID No. 1: Legal right to live and work in the UK

• National Insurance number on Payslip or official document
• National Insurance Card
Full UK Passport
• Full Passport with correct endorsement / visas
• Letter from Immigration
• Birth / Adoption Certificate
• Marriage / Civil Partnership Certificate

ID No. 2: Lives in the delivery area

• Payslip displaying home address in the delivery area
(dated within the last 3 months)
• Driving Licence (displaying current home address)
• Bank Correspondence (dated within the last 3 months)
• Utility Bill (dated within the last 3 months)
• Tenancy/Mortgage-Documents (dated within the last 3 months)
• Letter or official email from employer to confirm home address in the delivery area

ID No. 3: Evidence of Employment Status


• Payslip (dated within the last 3 months)
• Correspondence from employer, i.e., letter or official email (dated within the last 3 months)
• Signed Employment contract (dated within the last 12 months)
• Latest annual P60
• HMRC correspondence that confirms employment

If you are self-employed, you can provide either

one item from the list below:

• Self-assessment tax declaration ‘SA302’ with acknowledgment of receipt
• Records that show actual payment of Class 2 National Insurance Contributions
• VAT Registration Number & VAT return
• Letter from accountant (dated within the last 3 months)
• If registered as a limited company, Companies House record showing your name listed as Company Director

OR two items from the list below:

• UTR reference number on an official document
• Business records proving trading, e.g. bank records, invoices and accounts
• Companies House registration number
(Documents must be dated within the last 12 months unless otherwise specified)