Boost! is a fun and interactive course, aimed at building resilience, motivation, confidence and employability.

Boost! gives participants a range of tools and techniques from the field of positive psychology and behaviour change to help develop self-belief and overcome barriers.

The Boost! course is delivered to small groups in relaxed and informal community settings.

Boost! is usually delivered one to two days per week for 4-6 weeks, but this can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Boost! was developed through our ongoing collaboration with Bangor University’s School of Psychology.

We are currently delivering Boost! to long-term unemployed participants on the Communities for Work programme through Welsh Government’s Innovation Fund. To date, the course has helped a quarter of its participants into employment.

Our participants said:

“The Boost! course has had a significant impact on my life and has instilled in me a definite ‘can-do’ attitude.”

“I have taken so much from this course, not least the motivation, enthusiasm and positivity to move forward. I now feel confident and empowered enough to change direction completely.”

 “Feel the fear and do it anyway. It can transform your life if you put the effort in.”

“There is no downside to the course – just do it!”

RCS is proud to be working with Bangor University’s School of Psychology on their research in the field of positive psychology, which looks at improving resilience and promoting quality of life through building on personal strengths. We are currently providing sponsorship support for PhD student Kate Isherwood through the ESF funded KESS 2 programme (Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship), looking at the impact of work-focussed positive psychology on employability.

Contact us on 01745 336442 or to find out more about Boost! or to find out when a course is running in your area.