Bron Haul Residential Home

Debbie Williams, Manager of the Bron Haul Residential Home in Rhyl, has attended a number of our wellbeing training workshops, in order to learn techniques for managing stress, both for herself and her staff team.

From the workshops, Debbie gained a range of practical tools and techniques for improving wellbeing in the workforce. She was able to introduce a series of wellbeing measures which have now been embedded into workplace practice at Bron Haul. These include ‘return to work interviews’, regular social events, and a ‘Carer of the Month’ award scheme. Staff are advised how to self-refer to the In Work Support Service if they need one-to-one support.

Debbie said that the workshops have been extremely effective in helping her to appreciate the importance of wellbeing in enabling teams work together more effectively. She has noted clear benefits in the health and wellbeing of the workforce as a result of the changes introduced:

“I feel that staff are more open to discussion on their wellbeing and perhaps feel better for opening up. We all look forward to the ‘wellbeing monthly meet up’ and the ‘carer of the month’.”

She also stated that the delivery style and format of the course was also helpful for a busy employer trying to prioritise their time:

“We learned a great deal – the delivery of the course was really impressive and I think so beneficial to have bite size sessions.” 



TRB is wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese multi-national Tokai Rika Group. Based on a site in St Asaph, North Wales, TRB supplies quality automotive switch products to Europe’s front line vehicle manufacturers. The company employs a total of 148 staff in its production, back office and support teams.

Our enterprise support team has been supporting the implementation of TRB’s corporate wellbeing strategy, delivering a range of workshops on-site including:

  • Managing Sickness Absence
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Well-being Recovery Action Plans
  • Well-being Interventions for the Workplace

HR General Manager at TRB, Rob Lloyd said:

“Mental Health Well-being issues are becoming an increasing concern across industry and the situation is no different at TRB. Staff from our supervisory and management teams have given fantastic feedback about the knowledge gained from attending the workshops with RCS.”

Rob has also taken a proactive approach to informing his staff team about the support available through RCS’s In-Work Support Service, issuing IWS business cards to all 148 employees.

“My staff have been so impressed by the way they have been dealt with that they have come forward to thank me personally for pointing them in the right direction.”

“One of our employees was in a particularly dark place when referring himself to the In-Work Support Service and the positive difference in him following several counselling sessions is staggering.”


Clarence Medical Centre

The Clarence Medical Centre is a busy, privately managed GP practice in Rhyl, with a total of 45 salaried staff including GPs, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, and administrative staff, with 7 GP partners and a number of GP trainees and students also attached to the practice . 

The management team at the Centre is mindful of the need to invest in the wellbeing of staff, who have to cope with busy and demanding workloads in a highly pressured working environment. Practice Manager Ali Ellis has valued the support of RCS’s In Work Support Service, which has not only offered one-to-one support for employees at work, but has also provided support and training for the Medical Centre itself as a small business.

Centre staff have attended a number of RCS courses, including ‘Managing Sickness Absence’  and a number of half-day psycho-educational courses delivered at the Centre by RCS trainer Hayley Romain and aimed at providing delegates with tools and techniques to build resilience and personal effectiveness.

Following their attendance at the courses, staff from both the administrative and clinical teams at the practice talk about how they have learned a range of effective strategies to benefit their wellbeing both at home and at work. A practice nurse at the Centre said

‘The afternoon on managing unhelpful thoughts was excellent – it was one of the best Protected Time Sessions we have had”.

Another staff member described a session on ‘Managing Unhelpful Thinking’  “fantastic” and said they hoped to put some of the strategies in to practice both at work and in their personal life”

Practice Manager, Ali Ellis, speaks positively about the impact the courses have had on the working culture at the practice. 

“The courses have been brilliant for the management team – they have given us lots of tips for improving wellbeing at work, giving us the confidence to know we are doing the best we can to create a good working environment for staff, and sharing go-to tips when we need an extra pick-me-up.  We’ve made some real changes too, like making dedicated areas for lunch breaks to get staff to eat away from their desks, and organising social events so that staff can relax and have fun together outside of work.”

Staff at the Centre are also actively encouraged to self-refer to the In Work Support Service for free and confidential one-to-one support with any health issues that are affecting them in work.