Training Workshops

Our popular training workshops offer up the latest thinking in key wellbeing topic areas. Courses are short, sharp, practical and informative, providing ideas and resources to inform and inspire. Check out upcoming dates on our calendar page, or sign up to have us deliver in your place of work, free of charge.

Courses can be delivered as bite-sized one hour, two hour or half-day (three hour) workshops – depending on what works for you and your team.

Introduction to wellbeing at work (for managers or staff teams)

Why does it matter, when is it needed, and who is it for?

Find out how a pro-active approach to wellbeing in the workplace can help you, your employees and your bottom line. This inspiring and challenging half-day workshop provides:

An introductory overview of wellbeing at work
Ideas and resources for developing your well workplace
Two bite-sized sessions from our range of training workshops – selected by delegates on the day


Does your workplace bring out the best in your employees?
We invite you to address the impact of environmental factors on productivity and performance in the workplace; developing awareness of positive environments, looking at reasonable adjustments and how to make the most of your surroundings. 


Do your staff look forward to meeting with you to discuss their performance?
They should! We offer best practice insight and ideas for performance management that is positive and affirming, including how to incorporate wellbeing conversations into the supervision process, keeping difficult conversations constructive and the importance of individual goal development. 


Do your policies reflect and promote a culture of wellbeing?
How to build a positive working environment for all staff; we look at reviewing and implementing policies in the light of your wellbeing agenda, and finding new ways to engage your employees with policy changes so that all are involved and on-board.


What do your employees feel like when they return to work?
We look at how to have positive, honest and constructive conversations with your employees as they return to work after a period of absence, keeping a focus on solutions, adjustments and future planning for each individual. 


Is stress an everyday part of life for the team you manage?
We support you to identify when employees may be experiencing stress, and equip you to plan early interventions and identify solutions to reduce stress in your workplace. Enabling your team to stay focussed and effective within their role. 


How can we bring mental health into our conversations and workplace culture?
Exploring the impact our mental health has on us in the workplace; how to identify the signs & symptoms of fluctuating wellbeing; exploring stress and its effect on us. With lots of practical tools and tips for supporting ourselves and colleagues to stay well in work. 


What impact does our health have on us at work, and how does the workplace affect our health?
Exploring how sleep, diet, activity levels and routines can affect us at work and how our working life can influence these aspects of wellbeing; with a look at how what we eat and how we move fuels our wellbeing and effectiveness at work. 


How can we keep up with changing dynamics and increasing workloads while looking after ourselves?
Staying well and staying in work: This session uses the PERMA approach to raising personal resilience levels, so that all employees can remain healthy in themselves, positive in their teams and effective in their roles.


What tools and strategies can we use for improving attendance at work?
Sickness absence can have a major impact on productivity, profit and morale. This half-day workshop looks at a range of strategies for reducing short-term absence, and for preventing short-term absence from slipping into longer term absence. 

In-Work Support Service

The In-Work Support Service is part-funded by European Social Funding through the Welsh Government, providing free support for employees and businesses in Conwy, Denbighshire, Anglesey and Gwynedd. To find out how we can help you or your business:

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